Bespoke Business Software Solutions
Leveraging the latest technologies available in the market coupled with world leading industry experts, Wisen will focus on delivering customised software to ensure our clients' success.

Whether it is software outsourcing or employee augmentation; Wisen aims to become a key business provider in every step of the process.

- We're a technology & software development company
- Highly concurrent - low latency web applications
- Highly transactional- highly secured applications
- Technology Transformation Projects
- Business Intelligence

Digital Operations

In order to successfully adopt improving technology, organizations need a clear, well-structured strategy to manage all the different elements of the system. By actively collaborating with you to design and implement an efficient business model, we help customers get the maximum value from any software product or application.

Our approach is backed by a wealth of industry knowledge, some examples of results we expect to achieve with our customers include:

- Optimized business strategies, with tangible ROI
- New Service Models
- Identify New Revenue and Service Streams
- Effective CRM Processes
- Service List

Cloud Business Solutions

We are a current business and thus many of our solutions are offered on a hosting basis, meaning we only provide and work with the best solutions in the field - for your business to scale effectively and house sufficient data service (amongst a host of other features briefly listed below) we specialize and suggest software hosted in the cloud.

Benefits from this type of solution include:

- Reduce running and maintenance costs; hosting providers securely house all your servers
- Maximize your IT flexibility by leveraging scalable resources
- Introducing new technology quickly and efficiently through our sophisticated API
- Customizable authentication
- Advanced Practice

Mobile Consulting & Operations

Wisen takes pride in creating both complex and technologically advanced mobile applications designed with enterprise level functionality, responsible for all phases and integral components of the development road map, including :

- Full Mobile application Development
- Back-end Integration
- UI Design
- Implementation and Maintenance
- Feasibility Studies
- Proof-of-Concept
- Technical and Functional Design
- Requirements Analysis (no charge)
- Design and Code Review

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