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Software and Technology Consultancy in London.

Welcome to Wisen

Wisen, a limited technology - software consultancy company operating out of London UK, specialised in providing a diverse range of sophisticated web applications and platforms; alongside hands-on software architecture design and development experience.

We help our clients to get stuff done!

Wisen has immense expertise in software development, software project management, team building and full development lifecycle management. Working with Wisen removes the load of finding the high profile people for a project.

We engineer a great customer experience

Wisen offers an outstanding team of highly trained experienced and expertly skilled software consultants capable of advising and implementing both bespoke custom software models and commercially available tools to achieve your company goals.

Brilliant team

Our values are unwavering and resonate here at Wisen; we facilitate a world-class and agile employee culture to ensure our people are inspired and effective in soliciting your specific software requirements. Each member of Wisen has exceptional background experience with dealing with IT requests, we consider our employees and partners to be the very best in the industry.

We are the chosen

♥ Our clients choose us because they know that we care about their workload and needs as much as they do.
♥ They choose us because they know that we are always ready to establish a long term and strategical partnership with them.
♥ They choose us because they are sure that we would apply cutting edge tech. onto the work models, they already use or they want to develop, in the finest way.